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Why is Your High School Diploma Important to You? Part Two

December 3, 2018 | Acceleration Academies

We recently asked our corporate team why their high school diploma is important to them. You can read part one here. This post includes the second half of their responses. Stay tuned for our local team’s responses!

“When I was a teenager, I wanted to move to a big city. I knew without earning my high school diploma, moving was not going to be a realistic plan because I would’ve needed acceptance into a college in order for my family to support my decision to move. So my diploma meant a lot to me and I can honestly say it changed my life trajectory. I was able to move out-of-state and enroll in a 4-year college because of my diploma.” Operations Team Member

“Obtaining my high school diploma was critical to my success in life, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I’m certain I never would have gone to college and subsequently held numerous positions with ever-increasing responsibilities. Personally, I’m certain I never would have met my wife, raised my child or ever met most of my friends and colleagues. Receiving my high school diploma was a critical step for achieving a balanced and successful life.” Executive Team Member

“Coming from a first generation, Hispanic family, it was very important not only for me, but for my parents and my family to finish high school and obtain my diploma. My parents left Mexico to provide a better future and give my brothers and I better opportunities. My dad did not finish high school, and has had to work very hard to provide for his family. He has been a truck driver for the past 25 years, and has always told us that he expects more than that from us. Growing up in the southside of Chicago comes with a lot of challenges, and obtaining my high school diploma was a meaningful moment for my family and I.”

My parents have embedded in me the value of education. I think having a high school diploma offers more opportunities, and is a moment that should be celebrated. The job market is constantly becoming more demanding, so taking the first step to better prepare yourself is always beneficial. Being so young and feeling like there’s no one to help you can be really difficult, but it’s so important to find motivation and make temporary sacrifices for a better future. My high school diploma has allowed me to have a sense of accomplishment as well as making me a more competitive employee.” Operations Team Member

“When I was growing up, I admittedly thought that attending school and graduating was the normal life trajectory and that everyone followed it. It wasn’t until I actually got to high school that I realized this wasn’t true for everyone. I attended a high school with people from all walks of life and it was then that I really started to think about why finishing was important to me. Ultimately, it boiled down to my future success. My parents and older brothers always made sure to remind me that even when school was hard and my life was filled with stress that if I kept going I’d have a more fruitful tomorrow.” Operations Team Member

“For me a high school diploma was just a start – it represented the achievement of a goal that gave me the confidence and credentials needed to move on to college and a career. Admittedly, when I was graduating high school I didn’t 100% know what my eventual career would be, but I knew my focus would be to continue my education so that I could find my next step. And so far, education, whether formal in a classroom or continued learning through life experiences, has been one of the most invaluable things that I have. It seems there is truth in this beyond my personal experience as well, and B.B. King said this best, ‘Education is the one thing that no one can take from you.” Operations Team Member

“When I was in high school I volunteered at a hospital for children which sparked my interest in teaching children with emotional and physical challenges. I knew that in order to become a teacher I would need to go to college and I couldn’t do that without a high school diploma.  Getting my high school diploma opened the door for me to pursue a rewarding career in education. The most rewarding thing about my career has been the amazing young people I’ve met and the different opportunities I’ve had to help open doors for them through my work. This is why my high school diploma is important to me.” Executive Team Member