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Academies in Action: What Graduation Day Means

July 1, 2021 | Jeffrey Good
Academies in Action: What Graduation Day Means Hero Image
Each month, we take a moment to learn from the educational leaders who are bringing the Acceleration Academies mission to life, day in and day out. This month, we asked our Academy Directors to respond to this prompt: It’s graduation season, and we are celebrating the members of our Class of 2021. As you look out at your graduates, what does this day represent for you, your team of educators and the young people gathered before you? Here is what they had to say.

Graduation day for the class of 2021 is a time of celebration for all of the hard work, persistence and dedication of our grads. The staff at BAA is so proud of all of you. We look forward to admiring your success in the future and are so grateful to have been a part of your journey.

— Alison Hansen, Director, Bethel (WA)


Graduation is a time to celebrate and reflect on all the hard work that made this milestone a reality. To see GCs achieve their goals and aspirations during these trying times brings great joy not only to our students and their families but also to our team of educators and the community.

— Wendy Thompson, Director, Clark County (NV) 


To the graduating class of 2021, their families , and the educators who supported you, you are the true MVPs. A pandemic that lasted 14 months changed traditions in ways we never could have imagined. Instead of walking across the stage for commencement, families, friends and educators celebrated your success by staging parades and having cut-outs of you posted over highways and your driveways. You adapted and we still celebrated! Adapting to change allows you to be even more successful in this ever-changing world.

— Dr. Jacinta Bryant, Director, Lowcountry Acceleration Academy


The class of 2021 is a class like none other. The grace and persistence our graduates displayed in the face of worldwide frustration and uncertainty is nothing short of inspiring. Graduation represents earning MDAA’s greatest honor, a high school diploma, but what we wish for each of our graduates to know in their hearts is that the honor was all ours. 

— Gina Montagnino-Fiske, Director, Miami-Dade (FL)


We go home and we think about you. We worry about you. We try to think of ways we can help you even more. So Commencement is one of the happiest days of our year. We celebrate your achievement and your future successes — stay in touch! 

— Monetta Ruskin, Director, Sarasota (FL).


Graduation for us is always bittersweet. We’ve invested so much time in these young people. Now we won’t be calling/texting/seeing them on a daily basis,; yet we know that they are moving on to bigger and better things. We are proud to have been a part of their journey and want them to know that they will always be a part of the SLAA family. 

— Paige Latham, Director, St. Lucie (FL).