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WAA Graduation: ‘You Don’t Have to Settle for Less’

Bethany Leggio looked out at her fellow members of the Wichita Acceleration Academies Class of 2023, at the family members and friends who had supported them on an often-arduous journey, at the educat...

Meet Our Graduates

Young Parents and WAA Grads: ‘People Here Have Our Back’

Selena Farlow and Jesus Ortiz didn’t plan on becoming parents as high school seniors. But once it became clear that they would, they needed a school where they could not only earn their diplomas but a...

Meet Our Graduates

WAA Grad Tamia King Graduates with ‘Unstoppable Determination’

Tamia King had always been a strong student. She enrolled at a magnet high school focused on legal studies, made good grades, and seemed to be on her way.  But then, during her sophomore year, she gav...


Peyton Campbell: With Hard Work and Help from WAA, his Forecast Calls for Blue Skies Ahead

To see Peyton Campbell glide around the room at Wichita Acceleration Academies, you’d never guess that he’s a young man who’s seen more than his share of struggle. Sporting a Carhartt work shirt, well...

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At WAA, Young Learner Trades Mean Streets for School Success

Justin Galvan grew up rough, in a neighborhood riddled with drugs and crime and a family that had seen more than its share of trouble. He wants something better, and he found it at Wichita Acceleratio...


VaShon Evans-Barnwell: Setting an Example

For 4 years, VaShon Evans-Barnwell showed up at high school, making an appearance and going through the motions — but not much more. When it came time to join his classmates at graduation in 2019, he ...

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