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Students, Staff and Families celebrate the opening of a third Acceleration Academies location in Las Vegas.

Acceleration Academies currently partners with K-12 school districts, operating in 21 locations and 8 states.


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Former Superintendent Dr, Jesus Jara at Acceleration Academies Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Dr. Jesus F. Jara

Former Clark County Schools Superintendent

"We, as a school system, have to meet our kids where they are. And this is what we're doing here. And we can't do it alone. All of you who are working, are helping mentoring, supporting our children, thank you.”

Dr. Sunny Booker, Director of Alternative Education, St. Lucie Public Schools

Dr. Sunny Booker

Former Director of Alternative Education, St. Lucie Public Schools

"When Acceleration Academies came on, it gave me an opportunity to target older students, and those who really need a flexible place to go — where their time is respected, where people understand that their day may not look like everybody else's due to sometimes their own decisions and sometimes life circumstances they cannot help.

Dr. Steve Gallon III

Vice-Chair, Miami-Dade School Board

“Acceleration Academies gives them an opportunity as young adults to take that second chance to make better choices and to correct some of their life circumstances.”

Dr. Loren Hatfield

Executive Director of Secondary Schools at Wichita Unified School District 259

“You probably didn’t recognize yourself changing day by day as you completed your coursework. Everything is different because you made that one choice to come to Acceleration Academies and earn your high school diploma.

Tom Seigel

Superintendent, Bethel School District

"I've been a Superintendent for 22 years, in two different states, and during that time there are only two different programs that I've come across that I would actually recommend. Acceleration Academies is one of them. They get the job done, they do exactly what they say they're going to do, and they do it with the highest degree of professionalism."

Why School Districts Partner With Us

  1. Vigorous Recruitment to Re-Engage Dropouts

    • We actively seek to re-engage at-risk students and those who have abandoned education; we don’t wait for them to come to us.

    • Working from a district’s ‘Did Not Enroll’ list, we use phone calls, texts, home visits, digital media, and mailers to inform students and their families about the opportunity to earn their diploma.

  2. Wrap-Around Support System

    • Our educators, career/life coaches, and graduation candidate advocates provide a wrap-around support system to remove barriers that have caused students to struggle in a traditional setting.

    • Students take one course at a time, learning at their own pace with tutoring and encouragement from staff members at every step.

  3. Intensive Personalized Support

    • Learning differences, social/emotional difficulties, and family obligations make it hard for young learners to attend traditional school hours.

    • With our proprietary graduation persistence index, we can assess non-academic factors that impact student success, helping us customize each student's learning strategy.

  4. Proprietary Platform and Courses

    • We use Incite, a state-of-the-art technology platform to support teaching and learning in our academies.

    • Students can access all of their courses, track their progression to graduation, and communicate with academy staff in one convenient, user-friendly interface.

  5. Academic Accountability

    • Using performance management conferences, we hold ourselves accountable for our commitments to students and districts.

    • The academy and network leaders track daily metrics and meet weekly to monitor students' academic engagement and course completions.

  6. Post-Graduation Pathways

    • Career and technical education provides an opportunity to practice and gain real-world skills to complement academic learning.

    • Students enter our program with a career interest survey in order to map out their education and career plan to meet graduation requirements, earn college credits, and earn industry certifications.