Career Coaching

CCAA Student Alizeah gives interview about the career training she received

Start Your Future Now

Students at Acceleration Academies graduate ready to take on the world! You'll be paired with a Career and Life Coach who will work with you to explore and select the post-graduation career path that's right for you. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in innovative and engaging Career and Technical Education programs that offer industry certifications and real-world experience. Most importantly, you'll graduate confidently knowing your next steps toward a successful life.


of CTE participants graduate high school early or on time


of CTE participants who don't go to college are working for pay within 2 years of graduation


of jobs require skills training - more education than high school but less than college

Student at Clark County Acceleration Academies works one-on-one with Coach

Discover Your Purpose

Students at Acceleration Academies work one-on-one with a Career and Life Coach who helps them identify and explore post-graduation pathways based on their unique interests and strengths. Together, the student and their Career and Life Coach will explore career options and develop a personalized plan to ensure the student is equipped for success after graduation.

Students at Lowcountry Acceleration Academies smile and hold their certificates from the Hour of Code training experiences

Gain Real-World Experience

Acceleration Academies offers innovative and engaging Career and Technical Education programs that give students real-world experience. Academies partner with local and national employers and organizations to provide students with relevant, hands-on experience through internships, workshops, job training and other cooperative learning programs.

Start Your Future Now

Research shows that students who participate in Career and Technical Education programs are more successful in high school and beyond. Jumpstart your future and join the millions of young adults enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs across the nation. 

I wanted to join the Army in 2019, but I didn't have a diploma. A friend told me about Acceleration Academies. At first, I was lazy but all the motivation pushed me to a new level. Being in the military takes hard work and determination. I learned that at Acceleration Academies.

Elijah Hardaman

Graduate, Clark County Acceleration Academies, U.S. Army