Social Support & Aid

Clark County Acceleration Academies Director Hugs and Supports Students

More Than A School

Did you know that nearly half of all students report feeling unsafe and unsupported in school? There's a better way. At Acceleration Academies, we are committed to ensuring your success by removing personal barriers and creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Acceleration Academies Teachers and Students Bond at Pride

Sense of Community

Our academies prioritize a sense of community that connects you with mentors and fosters relationships with caring adults and peers. Whether studying on-site or remotely, you'll find an environment that is safe, supportive and designed to help you thrive.

Acceleration Academies Food Services and Support

Food Services

We partner with school districts to provide daily food services to all who qualify, along with a variety of snacks and drinks in our academy cafes, regardless of economic circumstance.

Two Acceleration Academies Students and Their Children

Family Friendly

Being a young parent comes with many challenges. Our extended hours and flexible, personalized approach helps you overcome those challenges while enabling academic progress.

Acceleration Academies Student Receives Support From A Teacher

Connections to Community Services

At Acceleration Academies, we meet you where you are. We are committed to supporting your needs and can connect you to community resources related to housing, nutrition, medical and mental health care and other services.

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Having an option like Acceleration Academies really saved me. Here, it's different. They really do care. Their goal is the same as yours: to help you graduate.

Vivianna Vasquez

Student, Acceleration Academies