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Atlanta Paper Features Gwinnett Academy

December 1, 2023
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The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Georgia’s largest newspaper,  featured Gwinnett County Acceleration Academies in an article about the flexible, personalized opportunity it offers to young people hoping to re-engage in their high school studies. 

“Gwinnett students get a second chance to earn their diplomas,” read the headline in the article by education reporter Josh Reyes. Reyes interviewed graduation candidates including Jabriel Abdullah and Malachi Bonhomee, who acknowledged routinely skipping class at their former, traditional high school.   

They were warned that if the absences continued, they risked expulsion. “But school just didn’t feel like it was for them,” the article said. “The two agreed there were numerous disruptions and distractions that made it hard to focus and made them disinterested in learning.

“Eventually, Abdullah and Bonhomme each dropped out, but administrators and their respective families made sure they weren’t done with school. They both enrolled in Acceleration Academies, a flexible education model that allows students a second chance at earning their diplomas.”

The article explained that Abdullah, Bonhomme and their classmates are able to set a schedule that works for them, get as much academic tutoring and social/emotional support as they need, and work in a relaxed but studious cafe-style campus. 

The result: The friends have not only gotten back on track but are accelerating progress toward graduating early. 

Led by Director Hashima Carothers, GCAA plays an important role in the Gwinnett public school district’s effort to raise its graduation rate from 82 to 90 percent in coming years. 

“Our goal is to provide the support needed for all students to graduate on time,” Al Taylor, Gwinnett’s chief of schools, told the newspaper, which serves the Metro Atlanta region. “Acceleration Academies provides another model of support.” 

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