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EdIncites® and Acceleration Academies Complete Merger, Expand Capabilities to Improve Student Outcomes

April 13, 2021
EdIncites® and Acceleration Academies Complete Merger, Expand Capabilities to Improve Student Outcomes Hero Image

Chicago, IL – April 14, 2021 – EdIncites, the creator of the most seamless and flexible Teaching & Learning technology platform, and Acceleration Academies, the national leader in re-engaging young adults not experiencing success in a traditional high school setting, announced today the completion of a successful merger. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

EdIncites  provides the Incite® Teaching & Learning Platform to school districts to connect teachers, students and parents across classroom and digital learning environments to support all instructional needs.

Acceleration Academies works with young adults to help them overcome obstacles in order to complete a personalized academic program and earn their high school diploma. The organization provides in-person and virtual options, individualized learning plans, flexible scheduling and career/life coaching to help students who may otherwise not be successful in earning their diploma.

The combined entity will operate as EdIncites and will continue to focus on providing technology solutions and student engagement services to school districts and educational organizations nationwide. Acceleration Academies will become a service line of EdIncites and will continue to offer their dropout recovery and student re-engagement services, maintaining the Acceleration Academies brand. The Incite Teaching & Learning Platform will power the Academies’ programs.

The combined expertise puts EdIncites in a unique position, offering its clients access to world-class technology, proven pedagogy, and an incredible service that will allow district partners to serve students across diverse populations.

Both organizations are based in Chicago, IL, and are funded by the same investor, Daniels & King Ventures. Bryan Daniels, Co-Founder, Daniels & King Ventures states, “EdIncites and Acceleration Academies are both focused on transforming the way education is delivered in order to improve student outcomes. When you combine the expertise of experienced educators with the capabilities of seasoned technologists, the synergies will allow the combined company to take a more holistic approach to student achievement.” Co-Founder Steve King adds, “This merger creates a significant increase in the company’s available human and financial capital, positioning EdIncites for product and service expansion and accelerated growth in the number of students served and overall market penetration.”

Acceleration Academies Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Joseph Wise, will serve as CEO of the unified organization. EdIncites’ Founder and CEO, Steve Campbell, will manage the integration and operational aspects of the new organization as COO.

Dr. Wise remarked, “We are thrilled to join the EdIncites family and are confident that this merger will enhance our ability to ensure all students have an opportunity to receive an education that meets their unique needs.” Campbell echoes that sentiment adding, “With our combined expertise and offerings, we really have confidence to say ‘yes’ when our clients ask us if we have solutions that will ensure the success of all of their students. Of course, our advanced technology solutions are critical, but what I’m most excited about is bringing the expertise of veteran educators who have a shared passion for student success to the table.”

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