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Investment Website Features Acceleration Academies As EdTech Pioneer

January 23, 2024
Investment Website Features Acceleration Academies As EdTech Pioneer Hero Image

The investment website recently featured Acceleration Academies as an exemplar of using tech-enabled courses, a hybrid of in-person and remote learning and a deeply personalized approach to helping young people find success in high school. 

In an article entitled Acceleration Academies and the EdTech Revolution: Transforming High School Education, Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mendonça wrote that the creative use of technology is changing the face of learning. 

“Within this dynamic landscape, Acceleration Academies have emerged as pioneering institutions, driving change and innovation in high school education,” she wrote. “These academies are not merely educational institutions; they embody a flexible, supportive, and forward-thinking approach to learning. Their mission is clear: to empower students to achieve their high school diplomas while providing the essential support and flexibility needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

“The constraints of traditional education do not bind Acceleration Academies; instead, they harness the power of innovation, digital tools, and personalized support to create a learning environment that is as unique as each student,” the article continued. “With a focus on adaptability and individualized learning, these academies are redefining what it means to earn a high school diploma, ensuring every student can succeed in an ever-changing world.”

The Covid-19 pandemic “significantly accelerated the impact of the EdTech revolution,” with a rapidly growing number of innovative approaches emerging to help students engage and re-engage in educational journeys disrupted by the public health crisis and the realization that traditional schools — with their long hours of in-person instruction, crowded classrooms and one-size-fits-all curricula — don’t meet the needs of all learners. 

At the forefront of such innovation is the growing network of Acceleration Academies, which began a decade ago as a high school dropout re-engagement program but has expanded to offer individualized education to a wide range of learners. 

“The EdTech revolution, exemplified by pioneers like Acceleration Academies, is driving innovation and redefining the future of education,” wrote Mendonça. She noted that the Acceleration Academies network currently serves more than 5,000 graduation candidates across the United States, and is poised for rapid growth under the guidance of recently appointed CEO Kelli Campbell and Co-Founders Dr. Joseph Wise and Steve Campbell. 

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