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Pensacola Newspaper Features New Escambia County Acceleration Academies

August 31, 2021
Pensacola Newspaper Features New Escambia County Acceleration Academies Hero Image

The Pensacola News Journal posted a comprehensive and positive story about the new Escambia County Acceleration Academies.

“A new alternative academy in Escambia County aims to help students who have dropped out of high school obtain a regular diploma,” the article by education reporter Madison Arnold began.

Escambia County Acceleration Academies will start next week providing a non-traditional route to graduation for students up to age 21. The program will be tailored to each individual student and blend online and in-person learning.

“‘If you think that you’re a student that dropped out and it’s too late for you to go back to high school, but you’re still eligible to graduate, it’s not too late,’ said Director Maria Jacobs.

“The program was created to help students like Braija Wright, 17, who dropped out of Washington High School after becoming pregnant. Wright said she considered a GED program but her father wanted her to earn a diploma.

“ ‘I like the fact that we can get a high school diploma and it’s for people who didn’t really want to be in regular school and for people to get a second chance,’ ” Wright said.”

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