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Texas Newspaper Profiles New Ector Director 

August 24, 2023
Texas Newspaper Profiles New Ector Director  Hero Image

The new leader of Acceleration Academies of Ector County (EAA) is a veteran Texas educator with a heart for helping young people get their high school careers back on track, according to a new profile published by the Odessa American newspaper and website.

Natosha Scott grew up in north Texas and has experience working as a classroom teacher, providing professional development coaching to Dallas educators and leading schools to reduce their dropout rates and improve student engagement.

Most critically, she strongly believes in tailoring high school to meet the needs of learners who haven’t found success in traditional settings.

“A lot of times students just have a hard time conforming in a box. It’s not that they are less intelligent, or they are hard to get along with. A lot of times they’re just the type of person that they are,” Scott told journalist Ruth Campbell. “They have a hard time conforming and need a different experience and somebody to meet them where they are because it can be difficult trying to always conform.”

Young people who come to EAA are grappling with a variety of challenges — including teen parenthood, the need to work to support themselves and their families, social anxiety, academic challenges or the need for a more personalized approach.

Scott and her team call the young learners “graduation candidates” to remind them of their goals, and help them in every way they can to lay the foundation for a diploma and a promising future.

Dr. Margie Sharp, Executive Vice President and Chief Education Officer of Acceleration Academies, told the newspaper Scott has already made a big contribution since joining EAA this summer.

“We are thrilled to have Natosha leading Acceleration Academies of Ector County,” Sharp said. “Natosha’s educational background and experience as a teacher, principal and district leader in Texas provide evidence of the expertise and passion she brings with her to successfully lead our academy in the Ector County Independent School District. In just the few weeks that Natosha has been leading the academy, engagement and academic progress are on the rise and our graduation candidates are making excellent progress.”

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