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Pensacola Radio Show Features Escambia Academy

The flexible, personalized education offered by Escambia County Acceleration Academies hit the airwaves recently, when ECAA Director Mat Taylor made a guest appearance on the “Pep Talk with Jake Walke...

Meet Our Graduates

ECAA’s Kennede Thomas: ‘I’m Proud of Myself That I’m Graduating on Time’

Kennede Thomas had always been a strong student. She remembers with pride earning a place in honors geometry at her old high school. But when the Covid pandemic shuttered schools during her freshman y...


Escambia Celebrates Class of ’23: ‘I Feel Like They Saved My Life’

Family, friends and educators gathered recently to celebrate the hard work, determination and bright future of the Escambia County Acceleration Academies Class of 2023.  Each grad had a powerful story...

Meet Our Graduates

ECAA Grad Devon Linhardt: ‘They Were There for Me at a Really Low Point in My Life

When Devon Linhardt moved to Pensacola with his father, a spell of hard times forced them to live in a van and made Devon uneasy about enrolling at a traditional high school to finish his diploma. He ...

Personalized Learning

ECAA Grad Nathan Godwin: ‘Personalization is Everything’

Even before the car crash, traditional high school wasn’t working for Nathan Godwin.  A serious-minded young man, Nathan signed up for AP chemistry, calculus, physics, statistics and other challenging...

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Josiah Gadia Celebrated as ECAA’s First Graduate

Josiah Gadia was in his final semester of high school when the pressures of an unstable home life, the need to hold down a job, and the challenges of schoolwork became too much to bear. “I was really ...

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