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LAA Grad Rises to Leading Charleston Pastry Chef

South Carolina’s biggest newspaper this week put a spotlight on Carolina Domínguez Lopez, one of the first graduates of Lowcountry Acceleration Academy — and now a culinary leader at one of Charleston...

CSAA & LAA FY24 Board Approved Budget


Young Pastry Chef: LAA Was My Key Ingredient

Just two short years ago, Lowcountry Acceleration Academy alumna Carolina Dominguez Lopez wasn’t sure she’d ever finish high school. Mired in depression, overwhelmed by the crowded classrooms and hars...


Celebrating the LAA Class of 2023: ‘It’s Just a Completely Different Way of Doing School’

Lowcountry Acceleration Academy (LAA) celebrated its biggest-ever class of graduates, learners who arrived from across South Carolina’s Lowcountry with one thing in common — a drive to earn the high s...

Student Stories

Twins Find Support They Need at LAA: ‘It’s Like Magic’

Twin siblings Michael and Catherine Gorey have been at Lowcountry Acceleration Academy since the day it opened in 2021, and they’ve felt at home ever since. “There are teachers willing to help you out...

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David Espinoza Cervantes: ‘Vine Aquí Para Tener una Vida Mejor’

Dos años después de mudarse a los Estados Unidos desde su México natal, David Espinoza Cervantes tiene firmemente en mente su sueño americano. Le gustaría convertirse en electricista, formar una famil...

Student Stories

Olivia Jones Finds Success and Community at LAA

When schools finally reopened after being closed for months during the Covid pandemic, Olivia Jones had fallen far behind. And the large, traditional high school to which she returned only made things...

Lowcountry Acceleration Academy

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LAA Grad: ‘This School Just — Boom! — Changed Me’

When it comes to describing her experience at Lowcountry Acceleration Academy, LaDayshia Tavelle doesn’t mince words. “This school just — boom! — changed me,” says LaDayshia, who went from being a str...


David Espinoza Cervantes: ‘I Came Over Here for a Better Life’

Two years after moving to the United States from his native Mexico, David Espinoza Cervantes has his American dream firmly in mind. He’d like to become an electrician, build a family, and return to hi...

Alternative Education

Aubrianna Morris Finds Her Learning Home at Lowcountry

What advice would Lowcountry Acceleration Academy grad Aubrianna Morris offer to other students who might be struggling in traditional high schools? “Definitely come here to LAA,” she says. “Everybody...


Lowcountry’s First Grad: ‘They Want You to Own Your Success’

Montana Ferrell recently became the first graduate of the newly opened Lowcountry Acceleration Academy in North Charleston. Montana says math content coach Sarah Aquino provided a lifeline, sitting do...

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