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Ector News Outlets Cover Recent Graduation

When the 18 graduates of Acceleration Academies of Ector County recently walked across the stage to celebrate their diplomas, local news media turned out to chronicle the extraordinary day.  “Non-trad...

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Texas Newspaper Profiles New Ector Director 

The new leader of Acceleration Academies of Ector County (EAA) is a veteran Texas educator with a heart for helping young people get their high school careers back on track, according to a new profile...


Ector Graduation: ‘You Gotta Keep Going, No Matter What’

Family, friends and educators gathered to celebrate the graduation of the latest group of grads from Acceleration Academies of Ector County. The day brought laughter, cheers and more than a few happy ...

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Texas News Outlets Shine a Light on Ector Grads

When the most recent group of graduates from Acceleration Academies of Ector County (EAA) in Odessa, Texas, gathered to receive their diplomas, it wasn’t only family members, friends and educators who...

Staff Perspectives

Ector Math Coach: ‘Miss, I Finally Get It!’

To Jennifer Rosario-Perez, “mathletes” and athletes have a lot in common. Just like training for success on the football field or the soccer pitch, it can be hard work to learn the moves of algebra an...

Alternative Education

Kaelob Martinez: Working with His Hands and His Head

Kaelob Martinez has the hands of a young man who knows his way around a truck — strong, nimble and proudly limned with grease.  Working on big rigs is not only Kaelob’s job; it is his passion. He love...

Student Stories

In Ector, Finding a Way to Care for Her Brother and Herself

For Zamaria Farris, there were so many reasons to leave her traditional high school behind: sweaty hallways, teachers who lacked the time to help her, a social life that led her to the shopping mall r...

Student Stories

At EAA, Sisters Find the Calm and Coaching They Need to Succeed

Walk into Acceleration Academies of Ector County and you will find sisters Alliyah and Kaisa Navarrette hard at work on the courses needed to earn their high school diplomas and move in the direction ...

Acceleration Academies of Ector County

Personalized Learning

At Ector Academy, ‘They Definitely Have Her Back’

When Joanne Vasquez saw her daughter, Vivianna, heading down the road to dropping out, Vasquez tried to support her. But she could only do so much; she needed other caring adults to help. Then she fou...

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