Student Ambassadors


Student Ambassadors are current Acceleration Academies students who have been selected to tell the Acceleration Academies story through the student lens. They have a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in digital marketing by participating in training sessions with the enrollment marketing team and using what they learn to create content for our social media channels and website.

Ambassadors are passionate about Acceleration Academies and represent the academies in a positive manner. They are a reliable and energetic source of information, and they educate their fellow students and prospective students about various academy topics, with a focus on using digital marketing tools such as social media and web content to deliver messaging. These students have the power to inspire others by modeling appropriate academy behaviors and meeting attendance and engagement expectations, sharing accurate and relevant information, and empowering their peers to be involved and engaged in the academy.

Evyn Wright Headshot profle photo

Evyn Wright

Acceleration Ambassador

Michael Gorey profle photo

Michael Gorey

Acceleration Ambassador

Eva Lytton profle photo

Eva Lytton

Acceleration Ambassador

Re'ganell Middleton profle photo

Re'ganell Middleton

Acceleration Ambassador

Malayjah Gathers profle photo

Malayjah Gathers

Acceleration Ambassador

Shaylynn Grant profle photo

Shaylynn Grant

Acceleration Ambassador