Job opportunities and careers at Acceleration Academies

Careers at Acceleration Academies

We believe now is the time to reimagine education and make it possible for every student to graduate with a high school diploma. At Acceleration Academies, you'll work alongside the most passionate and innovative leaders in education in an inclusive, supportive and fulfilling work environment.

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Our Mission

Acceleration Academies is a national leader in re-engaging young adults who are not experiencing success in a traditional high school setting. We help them identify their goals, overcome obstacles, build confidence, and pursue a personalized academic program to achieve the dream many had thought out of reach: a high school diploma.

Our Vision

To transform the way education is delivered, by partnering with school districts to graduate more at-risk or unenrolled high school students — giving them a second chance at a life that will make them and their families proud.

Why Join Acceleration Academies?

  1. EAP & Wellness Program

    We provide a confidential wellness program dedicated to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our employees and their families. The employee assistance program (EAP) is provided at no cost to employees and includes assistance for all covered family members.

  2. Professional Development

    We provide assistance to eligible staff in their pursuit of approved certifications. We strive to promote from within, therefore we encourage staff to learn and grow into new opportunities within our organizations or higher-level positions.

  3. Innovative Facilities

    Our Academies are an open concept with a coffee shop vibe. Students and staff move freely throughout the academy and enjoy working in groups from the comfort of our couches or community workspace tables.

  4. Competitive Salaries

    We offer competitive salaries for all qualified educators and mentors with annual salary increases + opportunities for bonuses!

  5. Benefits Program

    Acceleration Academies offers medical, dental, vision, paid sick time, paid holidays, unlimited paid time off, a 401(k) retirement plan with matching options, and a variety of supplemental benefits to eligible employees.

  6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Our GCs come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and so do our staff. We thrive in an open and safe environment that is supportive and designed to help all students.

Life at Acceleration Academies

Hashima Carothers

I look a lot like our students — a woman of color, young, a walking role model. They say, ‘Miss, you’re like us. How did you get this job?’ I tell them, ‘A lot of hard work.’

Hashima Carothers

Academy Director, Gwinnett County Acceleration Academies

Erick Velis

There is a genius growing inside of us, inside of me, inside of you, inside of everyone. I tell the GCs, 'You have to explore the genius that is growing inside of you.'

Erick Velis

Math Coach, Miami-Dade Acceleration Academies

I like numbers but I like people more. I could never sit in a cubicle all day and crunch numbers. After being in the classroom, I thought, this is where I belong.

Sarah Aquino

Math Coach, Lowcountry Acceleration Academy

I just want to be a beacon for these guys. When you lose sight, just look for me.

Frank Cruz

Graduation Candidate Advocate, Sarasota Acceleration Academies